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TRANSFORMS TIPS 2. Good Form Good Workout

Hey guys,

This tip is all about form while working out.

When I say form I am talking about how you perform a repetition in an exercise.

For example, If you a performing a bicep curl your goal is to have a slow controlled movement and really focuses on using the bicep. You DO NOT want to be swinging your body and leaning back or to the side in order to lift the weight.

If you have bad form while lifting a weight there is a simple solution to help you lift with good form…LOWER THE WEIGHT…don’t go for glory when working out and pick up an extremely heavy weight because you saw the guy before you using it.

If you have bad form while lifting a weight you will get bad results. Don’t be that person at the gym you see picking up a huge amount of weight and using there entire body to swing and lift it up.

Bad form leads to injuries which stops you working out all together. So guys please lift with good form, and if your unsure if you have good form while lifting simply go ask one of the gym instructors or someone around you. People at the gym are very friendly and always happy to help.

If you have a question for me about form while working out don’t hesitate to ask.

Stay tuned for more helpful tips 🙂



Hey guys,

This is the first treadmill workout of many to come to help you stay fit and focused during your runs.

Often a problem people have with cardio workouts is becoming bored and unmotivated, follow this workout for a fun run on the treadmill.

1. Jog for 3 mins at a steady pace

2. Up the speed to a run and continue for 2 mins (Should be puffing)

3. Slow it down to an average walking pace for 30 secs

4. Repeat sequence adding 1 min to the run time.

The amount of times you perform the circuit will depend on your fitness ability, but a nice tip is to simply go as long as you can for your first workout, then each time you perform the workout afterward add another set.

Aim to perform this workout at least 3 times a week

This may sound like an easy workout, but give it a go and you’ll really be puffing by the end of it


Stay tuned for more workouts and tips to come 🙂

TRANSFORMS TIPS 1. Go hard THEN go home

Hey guys,

In this post I’m going to talk about mindset when working out.

The saying “mind of a matter” could not be more correct and I think about this every time I hit the gym.

If your mind and focus is not with you in the gym achieving the results you desire will be that much more difficult, when working out you have to constantly tell yourself to push. If sometimes your unsure about even going to the gym quickly snap that thought out of your mind and focus on working hard. As soon as you give your mind the option of going home instead of going hard you may begin to subconsciously talk yourself out of working out. If your struggling to push out those last few reps or run that last mile take a deep breathe, refocus and push yourself out of that comfort zone. You make think that the last rep may not matter, after all its just one rep, and thats true it is just one rep, but if you can mentally push past that rep your strength will begin to grow physically and mentally.

To reach your goals you must be prepared to push your mind AND your body

Good luck 🙂


Hey guys,

This is purely a post about the songs I listen to while at the gym,

My Top 10 Beats

1. Avicci – Levels

2. No Love – Eminem & Lil Wayne

3. Ni**as in Paris – Jay Z & Kanye West

4. Bangarang – Skrillex

5. Cinderella Man – Eminem

6. Boom – Snoop Dogg & T-Pain

7. DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love Again – Usher

8. Like A G6 – Far East Movement

9. Don’t Wanna Go Home – Jason Derulo

10. Homecoming – Kanye West

That is my current Top 10 songs that get me pumped for the gym,

but I want to hear from you guys, what songs get you going?



Hey guys,

I am starting a post for any questions you may have for me,

Simply post below any questions you may have, it could be something as simple as a new chest workout or I am more than happy to write up a workout plan specifically for your goals.

Any questions you have at all feel free to ask 🙂