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TRANSFORMS TIPS 3: You won’t score without a goal

Hey guys,

This tip is about setting goals and what you can do to achieve them.

Setting goals for yourself is one of the most important things you can do when exercising. Your goals could vary from loosing 5kgs (11lbs), running 10km (6 miles) to doing 20 chin ups. No matter what your doing set goals for yourself.

When you set a fitness goal it has to be achievable, there is no point saying to yourself “I’m going to run 10km (6miles) tomorrow” when you haven’t run in 6 months.



A long term goal is something that you aim to achieve in the future and can usually be the final result you wish to get, for example “I would like to lose 5kgs (11lbs) in 3 months” this is a realistic goal, and a final result you wish to achieve. In order to reach these long term goals you also need to set some short term ones to help you out and keep you motivated.


A short term goal can be something as simple as “Next workout I’m going to run for an extra 5 minutes”, its pushing yourself that little bit further in order to reach your long term goal.


A simple yet effective tool you can use is quite simply make your goal public. Tell someone about it, tell them you wish to lose weight, by doing this it gives you that little bit more motivation to push and continue fighting for that goal.


Whenever I have a goal for myself I record my stats each week. Say your goal is to lose weight start by writing down your current weight and the date, then each week weigh in and see how your doing. If your looking at a number it represents how hard you have worked, and when you start seeing your goal edge closer it motivates you to keep going. In doing this, if you take a step backwards and gain weight one week don’t make it an excuse to give up, take it as motivation to push that much harder the next week.

Anyway guys,

I hope this tip has helped you, and as always stay tuned for more tips 🙂